Mechanical Hydraulic ENT Chair

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Product use: Manual surgical integrated surgical bed clinical ENT examination and treatment for surgery.

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The electrically controlled height adjustment helps save time and reduces needed effort of the staff. The adjustment is performed using a foot controller. The other adjustments are performed using gas springs with locking mechanism.
Convenience Due To
Many Available Positions
All the functions except for height adjustment are controlled using gas springs, while not limiting the number of patient positions. Backrest inclination angle adjustment or obtaining impressive Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg inclination values will facilitate effective work.
High European
The entire manufacturing process is performed in our Żywiec plant, which provides us with the opportunity to continuously supervise the quality of our product. Highest quality steel will protect your chair from damage and ensure many years of problem-free work.

High Quality And Your Convenience
The supporting structure of the chair is an improved construction that has been working well for decades. To facilitate cleaning, all supporting elements are covered with ABS, which is resistant to disinfectants.

Mechanical hydraulic ENT chair

Cushion lift range ≥120mm
Backrest pitch angle  90°- 180°
headrest extension  0- 120mm
Seat rotation angle   360°
maximum load capacity   135kg
size  680x650x1210/1340mm

Product Name:Mechanical hydraulic ENT chair
Product use: Manual surgical integrated surgical bed clinical ENT examination and treatment for surgery
Product Model : TJ-5001
Product Specifications: Size: Size: 680 × 650 × 1210/1340mm, cushion lift range of 120mm, the bed can bear the weight: 135KG
Product features:

1. The head is installed with a hand bracket, the height can be adjusted up and down to provide surgical support for doctors during surgery.

2. The treatment chair is designed according to the ergonomic principle, and is used as an auxiliary equipment for the main examination and treatment equipment.
3. Its humanized structure enables the person with limited mobility to be comfortably positioned during the examination and to cooperate with the doctor to perform the examination operation from different directions. The above part of the seat frame can be manually lifted 120mm, and can be swiveled 360 degrees, the backrest can be tilted back 180 degrees.
4. The seat cushion coat is made of high-quality PVC leather, glossy and soft texture. Base skeleton are made of high-quality steel, high strength: electrostatic coating, beautiful, corrosion-resistant, good adhesion, good anti-embroidery effect. Cushion internal filling high elastic foam sponge can provide better comfort.
After-sales service
Business purpose: quality, credibility, integrity, all kinds of high-quality production Lv recommended to the community, to serve the private medical!
Service commitment: to provide high quality related products, comply with business ethics standards, and strive to provide a unique product and level of service!
Product warranty period: after the installation and acceptance of equipment, the whole machine free warranty one year, lifelong maintenance.

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