Fully Automatic Electric ENT Chair

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Xuzhou Taijiang Biological Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of ear, nose and throat examination and treatment table, adhering to the spirit of fine workmanship, casting quality, has been recognized by the industry and customers, you can rest assured to choose our products, we will provide you with the best quality service. Electric integrated operating bed is used for clinical otolaryngology surgery

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Product name: automatic electric ear, nose and throat chair

Application: Otorhinolaryngology electric operating bed

Product Description: Full automatic electric ear, nose and throat chair, DC motor, electromechanical transmission mechanism, voltage control.

Product Model: TJ-5002

Product specifications: Size: 800×640×1150/1330mm, cushion lifting range 150mm, bed bearing capacity: 135KG

Product features: 1. The head is mounted with hand bracket, the height is adjustable, which provides support for the doctor during the operation, and it is equipped with the bracket of disinfection department, so that the patient can breathe normally during the operation. The hand bracket device is detachable, which provides more convenience for the doctor.

2, the chair is designed according to the principle of ergonomics, as the auxiliary device of the main inspection and treatment equipment.

3. The humanized structure of the chair enables patients with mobility difficulties to locate comfortably in the process of examination, and cooperate with doctors to conduct examination operations from different directions.

4. The seat cushion is made of high-quality PVC leather with bright luster and soft texture. The base frame is made of high quality steel, high strength: electrostatic spray paint, beautiful, corrosion resistance, good adhesion, good anti-embroidery effect. The interior of the seat is filled with a highly elastic foam sponge for better comfort.

Mechanical hydraulic ENT chair

Cushion lift range ≥150
Backrest pitch angle  90°- 175°
headrest extension  0- 60mm
Armrest adjustment angle  360°
Seat rotation angle  360°  
maximum load capacity  135kg
size  800x640x1150/1330mm

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