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Metal Deluxe Medical Endoscope Cart

Short Description:

Medical cart platform is a widely used equipment rack platform in medical institutions at present, mainly for placing endoscopy system equipment.

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Multi-storey medical trolley

1. High strength aluminum profile plus galvanized sheet, durable, firm and stable, surface electrostatic adsorption spraying process, increased wear resistance and rust resistance.

2. The bottom layer is equipped with storage drawer for convenient access to consumables.

3. Built-in workstation host at the bottom, convenient for surgical examination and report printing; Power supply box at the bottom;

4. The height of the trolley panel is adjustable.

Technical parameter
All-metal decomposable design, imported design, surface treatment, never rust, light and durable,Beautiful appearance, luxurious atmosphere.
Length * width * height 60*50*125cm
Floor height 27- 35cm
Layers 4/5 floors

{Note} Swivel arm is optional


With the popularity of today's network medicine and telemedicine, medical trolleys will gradually become a necessity in hospitals. Medical trolley platforms are equipment rack platforms that are currently widely used in medical institutions. This derives the shelf that can be moved --- "medical cart".
Metal luxury type: all-metal decomposable design, imported design, surface treatment, never rust, lightweight and durable, beautiful appearance, luxury atmosphere.
Mainly used for placing endoscopy system equipment, layer height is 5 layers, layer height can be adjusted, left and right side panels with cabinet type mounting column, non-hollow design, side panels overall generous with logo icon. The height of each layer and the number of layers can be freely adjusted, the standard product is 5 layers, 4 adjustable movable laminate, optional increase in laminate, movable laminate recommended load ≦ 20Kg. there is a bracket above the table top can be used to hang the endoscope camera handle, casters using medical special silent casters, so that the movement is more silky smooth.
The medical trolley is to save space in the hospital, to better improve the efficiency of medical staff, so that patients see faster, more accurate, more timely.
Taijiang has always been the business purpose: quality, credibility, integrity, will be all kinds of high-quality production Lv recommended to the community, to serve the private medical! And commitment: to provide high quality related products, comply with business ethics standards, and strive to provide unique products and level of service! Product warranty period: after the installation and acceptance of equipment, the whole machine free warranty one year, lifelong maintenance.

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