TJ-6003A Lengthened luxury ENT Examination and Treatment Table

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TJ series ent check treatment station is designed according to the needs of all levels of hospital clinical ent a set of examination, treatment, in an integrated equipment, with a straight head and elbow spray gun to uniform atomization spraying of liquid medicine, suction gun attract eliminate sputum, blood, etc., to eustachian tube supply air blow gun, ent check treatment machine design is reasonable, the modelling is novel and attractive, It can not only check and treat ear, nose and throat organs, but also greatly improve the working efficiency of medical staff and beautify the working environment.

Scope of application: for the examination, treatment and image processing of ear, nose and throat diseases respectively.

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TJ-6003A Lengthened Deluxe Quantity
  Host (including writing table)   1 set
  Spray Gun: Elbow   1 stick
  Spray Gun: Straight   2 sticks
  Sniffer   1 stick
  Blow gun   1 stick
  Spotlights and brackets   1 stick
  Tray   2
  Built-in dirt pan   1
  Glass medicine bottle   brown 2/white 2
  Cotton ball tank   2
  Heating mist removal device   1 set
  UV disinfection   1 set
  LED touch control screen   1 set
  Dimensions (LxW*H)   1900x800x750
  Countertop material   Imported ultra-white crystal glass
  Monitor   1 (optional)
  Cold light   1 (optional)
  Camera   1 (optional)
  ENT endoscope   (optional)
  Endoscope graphic reporting system   1 (optional)
  LED ultra-thin film viewer   1 (optional)

A. The main performance
1. Gun, blowing gun positive pressure: 0.1Mpa ~ 0.15 Mpa, adjustable, pressure gauge accuracy: 2.5 grade.
2. The negative pressure of the suction gun: adjustable suction force, and equipped with anti-backflow device, safe and reliable.
3. Image processing function
(1) Dynamic image:
a. Real-time capture of dynamic images, freezing, thawing, real-time color addition, preservation;
b. Real-time full-screen display of dynamic images.
c. Adjustment of image brightness, contrast, saturation.
(2) Static image:
a. Local enlargement of static images, 90 ° rotation, left and right mirroring, up and down mirroring, negative film function.
b. Static image coding pseudo-color, linear, exponential display.
c. Static image text annotation at a certain point, diameter, perimeter, area measurement of the lesion area.
(3) Inspection, printing :
a. Support various Chinese character input methods of windows.
b. Create patient records, files, delete, find, etc.
c. Can preview the examination report and print out.
4. Heat fan with temperature control, with 3 grades of heating time, after opening 10S, the temperature of the outlet is not less than 30 degrees Celsius, the maximum temperature is not higher than 45 degrees Celsius, and set up to put into the water leakage device, safe and reliable
5. The working table should be able to withstand 40Kg pressure, no deformation, no cracking.
6. Equipment each water, gas piping system should be well connected, sealed tightly, no water leakage, no gas leakage.
7. Equipped with LED cold light source 80W, continuously adjustable, color temperature: 5000K-6500K, light working life: ≥ 40000h
8. Spotlights using 12V, 60W spot LED cold light spotlights, mechanical arm can ± 180 ° rotation, up and down movement range ≥ 300mm, used to adjust the position of the lighting, the column can be used for some optional features bracket installation.
Second, the equipment features
TJ-6000 series ear, nose and throat examination and treatment table is a comprehensive equipment designed according to the clinical needs of hospitals at all levels, which integrates examination and treatment of ear, nose and throat parts. It can not only examine and treat the ear, nose and throat organs, but also greatly improve the efficiency of medical personnel and beautify the working environment.

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