TJ-6002A lUxury Type Ear, Nose and Throat Examination and Treatment Table

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Ear, nose and throat examination and treatment table is manufactured by advanced technology, the table top is made of high brightness super white crystal glass table top, easy to clean, no penetration, no scratch. Luxury LED touch screen control, with a straight and elbow spray gun for uniform atomization of the drug, optional powder spray gun, suction gun to attract the exclusion of sputum, blood, etc., blowing gun can send wind to the pharyngeal tube, reasonable design, novel and beautiful shape.

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TJ-6002A ear, nose and throat examination and treatment table parameters and configuration.

No. Name Quantity Functional parameters
1 Main operating console 1 set Length × width × height: 1900 × 800 × 750mm imported ultra-white crystal glass countertop, easy to clean, no penetration, no scratches
2 LED touch screen 1 set Five-inch large screen, LED touch control screen
3 Positive pressure pump 1 set The use of imported ultra-silent technology, independent positive pressure pump, positive pressure 0.1MPa ~ 0.15MPa adjustable, fully compliant with national standards, high safety performance.
4 Negative pressure pump 1 set Adopt imported ultra-silent oil-free negative pressure pump and equipped with silent device, adjustable suction force, and equipped with anti-backflow device, safe and reliable.
5 Spray gun 3pcs Using imported materials, good biocompatibility, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, high degree of atomization, continuous spraying ≥ 60S, 1 elbow, 2 straight head
6 Suction gun 1pcs The negative pressure of the suction gun is adjustable from 0 to 0.065MPa, which is in full compliance with national standards and has high safety performance.
7 Blow gun 1 pcs Positive pressure 0.1MPa ~ 0.15MPa adjustable, fully comply with national standards, high safety performance.
8 Preheating and defogging device 1 set With 3 grades of heating time, after opening 10S, the temperature of the outlet is not less than 30 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature is not higher than 45 degrees Celsius, and set up to put into the water leakage device, safe and reliable
9 UV disinfection lamp 1 set Average radiation illumination:≥22μW/cm2, the
10 Suction bottle 1 set 2500ml, with return flow device.
11 Spotlight and bracket 1 set Spotlight using 12V, 60W spot LED cold light spotlight, mechanical arm can ± 180 ° rotation, up and down movement range ≥ 300mm, for adjusting the position of the lighting, the column can be used for some optional features bracket installation.
12 Tray 2pcs 304 stainless steel, with cover one branch, with one alcohol cotton ball cylinder
13 Cotton ball jar 2pcs 304 stainless steel
14 Storage 1pc Sheet metal process manufacturing, surface painting drawer
15 Built-in dirt tray 1pc 304 stainless steel
16 Storage computer cabinet 1pc Made of sheet metal process, surface painting

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