TJ-6002A ENT Examination and Treatment Table

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including one host, three spray guns (two straight heads, one elbow), one positive pressure pump, one negative pressure pump, one suction gun, one blow gun, one set of defogging device, A set of spotlights and brackets, two trays, two cotton ball tanks, and four glass medicine bottles

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Technical Parameters

TJ-6000 series ENT examination and treatment table is manufactured with advanced technology, and the table top is made of DuPont coating, which is easy to clean.
No stains and leakage
Use by compressor and vacuum pump, small size and low noise
The instrument has sterilization function, and the product function classification is detailed, which is suitable for hospitals at all levels.
Positive pressure of spray gun and blow gun: 0.1Mpa~0.15Mpa adjustable
Sniffer negative pressure: 0Mpa~-0.07Mpa adjustable
Optional: Viewing light

Countertop material:  marble/acrylic
Scope of application: It is used in conjunction with an ENT endoscope for examination, diagnosis and treatment in the ENT department.

Product Configuration

TJ-6002A  ear, nose and throat examination and treatment table parameters and configuration.

No. Name  Quantity Function parameter
1 main console 1 set Length × Width × Height: 1600 × 700 × 750mm mask Environmentally friendly crystal marble countertop, the countertop is treated with DuPont coating, corrosion resistance, friction resistance, impermeability, improved strength, and impact resistance.
2 Positive pressure pump 1 set Imported ultra-quiet technology, independent positive pressure pump, adjustable positive pressure 0.1MPa ~ 0.15MPa, fully in line with national standards, high safety performance.
3 Negative pressure pump 1 set The imported ultra-quiet oil-free negative pressure pump is equipped with a mute device, the suction force is adjustable, and it is equipped with an anti-reflux device, which is safe and reliable.
4 spray gun 3 sticks Using imported materials, good biocompatibility, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, high degree of atomization, continuous spray ≥ 60S
5 Suction Gun 1 stick The negative pressure of the suction gun is adjustable from 0 to 0.065MPa, which fully meets the national standard and has extremely high safety performance.
6 Blowgun 1 stick The positive pressure is adjustable from 0.1MPa to 0.15MPa, which fully conforms to national standards and has extremely high safety performance.
7▲ Preheating and defogging device 1 set There are 3 heating times. After opening for 10 seconds, the temperature of the air outlet should not be lower than 30 degrees Celsius, and the maximum temperature should not be higher than 45 degrees Celsius. It is also equipped with a water leakage device, which is safe and reliable.
8▲ UV disinfection lamp 1 set Average irradiance:≥22μW/cm2,
9 suction bottle 1 2500ml,With return flow device.
10 Spotlights and brackets 1 set The spotlight adopts 12V, 60W spotlight LED cold light spotlight, the mechanical arm can be rotated ±180°, and the up and down movement range is ≥300mm, which is used to adjust the position of the lighting lamp. The column can be installed with some optional functional brackets.
11 tray 2 304 stainless steel, one with cover, one with alcohol cotton ball tank
12 cotton ball tank 2 304 stainless steel
13 storage drawer 1 Sheet metal process manufacturing, surface painting
14 storage computer cabinet 1 Sheet metal process manufacturing, surface painting

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