TJ-6003B Series of ENT Examination and Treatment Unit

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TJ-6003B dual-station ENT comprehensive treatment table whose main functions are: atomization spraying system, negative pressure attraction system, heating and defogging, lighting, image processing functions and other auxiliary devices.

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TJ-6003B Lengthened Deluxe Quantity
Host (including writing desk) 1 set
Gun: Elbow 2 sticks
Spray Gun: Straight 4 sticks
Suck and grab 2 sticks
Blow gun 2 sticks
Spotlights and Stands 2 sticks
Tray 2
Glass medicine bottle brown2/white2
Cotton ball jar 2
Heating mist removal device 1 set
UV disinfection 1 set
Dimensions (LxW*H) 1600X750X750
Countertop material Acrylic/Marble
Monitor 1 (optional)
Cold light 1 (optional)
Camera 1 (optional)
Endoscope Graphical Reporting System 1 (optional)
ENT endoscope (optional)
LED ultra-thin film viewer 1 (optional)

I.. Nebulizing spraying system: it adopts professional medical spray gun to produce jet stream under certain atmospheric pressure. Jet nebulization is based on the venturi spray principle, the use of compressed air through the gun tiny orifice to form a high-speed airflow, the resulting negative pressure drives the drug sprayed together to the blocking object, splashing around at high speed impact so that the droplets into fog particles from the air outlet tube, mainly for the treatment of various upper and lower respiratory system diseases, such as cold, fever, cough, asthma, sore throat, pharyngitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, Pneumoconiosis and other diseases occurring in the trachea, bronchus, alveoli and chest cavity. Nebulizer inhalation therapy is an important and effective treatment method for respiratory diseases, using a nebulizer inhaler to atomize the drug into tiny particles, and the drug is deposited into the respiratory tract and lungs by breathing in, so as to achieve painless, rapid and effective treatment.
II. Negative pressure attraction system: using professional vacuum pump through the professional medical suction gun, produce adsorption function, deep into the relevant parts of the patient, remove dirt and other functions, dirt with the tube into the special dirt bottle, after use, timely cleaning of the dirt bottle.
III. Heating and defogging: the use of professional fans, produce a certain amount of hot air to achieve the function of drying and defogging.
Four lighting: the use of optical focusing technology of professional medical lighting, no spot, no heat radiation, improve the comfort of the patient's visit, and convenient for doctors to observe the treatment.
Five image processing functions
Dynamic image:
Real-time capture, freezing, thawing, real-time color addition and preservation of dynamic images;
Real-time full-screen display of dynamic images.
Adjustment of image brightness, contrast and saturation.
Static image:
Local enlargement of static images, 90° rotation, left and right mirroring, up and down mirroring, negative film function.
Pseudo-color, linear, exponential display of static image coding.
static image text annotation at a point, diameter, perimeter, area measurement of the lesion area.
Checking, printing:
Support of various Chinese character input methods for windows.
Creation of patient records, files, deletion, finding, etc..
Can preview the examination report and print out.
The ear, nose and throat examination and treatment table is reasonably designed, novel and beautiful, which can not only examine and treat the ear, nose and throat organs, but also greatly improve the efficiency of medical staff and beautify the working environment.

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