TJ-268Cportable HD Endoscope Camera System Integrated Machine

Short Description:

1. Foldable Portable Endoscopic Camera

2.Adopt 1920*1080P, 2.1 million pixel HD SONY COMS

3. Comes with a 15.6-inch high-definition medical LCD monitor with a customized screen.

4.High brightness LED integrated light source

5. The host has three USB interfaces, can be linked with storage devices such as U disk, to achieve image and video, lossless storage.

A variety of high-definition output methods are convenient for external display devices and video working systems.

Multifunctional handle

Product Detail

Product Tags


Control host 1 set
Camera 1pc
Adapter 1pc
Power cable 1
HDMI high-definition video cable 1
Custom wireless mouse 1pc
Original Sharp 15.6 time display 1 piece
1.8M light guide beam 1pc

Technical Parameter

1.1TV system PAL
1.2 image settings: the original Sony 1/1.8CMOS, resolution 1920x1080 ≥ 1125 lines
1.3 scan mode: line by line
1.4 horizontal scan frequency: 67.5KHz
1.5 vertical scan frequency: 60Hz
1.6 synchronization system: internal synchronization
1.7 video output: HDMx1 DVIx1 VGAx1 CVBSx1
1.8 Signal to noise ratio: 42dB
1.9 Minimum illumination: F1.4 when less than 1lux
1.10 AGC: automatic
1.11 Image display: square hall / horizontal flip / vertical flip / 180 degrees rotation
1.12 Original 15.6 when Sharp display is used to achieve real-time display of high-definition images.
1.13 White balance: automatic
1.14 Freeze: freeze/release
1.15 Extinction speed:<1s
116 with image freeze and 8 times electronic zoom function
1.17 camera IPX7 waterproof performance, can diffuse bubble disinfection
1.18 inflection image head with white flat street, image freeze, take pictures, zoom, four remote control handle function keys
1.19 Only ten kinds of field volume setting function, according to the doctor's demand automatically set and save parameters, transfer
can be used, and can be set to change the password to prevent extraneous personnel to calculate the parameters
1.20 can take pictures, video, store images and automatically mark the date, time, and
1.21 Real-time images and historical images can be compared on the same screen to facilitate the evaluation of clinical efficacy.
1.22 With wireless transmission function (5G high-speed signal), it can realize wireless monitor, computer, smart phone real-time
Wireless transmission of platinum images and recording
1.23 The host has three US8 interfaces, which can be connected with mobile storage media such as U disk mobile hard disk to realize image
Video lossless storage, and view on the computer, copy
1.24 The menu can be operated by mouse, adjustment, support wireless mouse, can be operated from a distance, high degree of humanization, convenient
convenient and quick.
1.25 Stored pictures can be freely labeled to facilitate clinical diagnosis.
1.26 According to the later use of the camera, the software is upgraded synchronously to meet customer needs.
1.27 Integrated LED light source design, to achieve the light source, camera host, monitor trinity. LED cold light source power 60W
Module guide has good color rendering, color rendering index to not less than 90, LED cold light source module related color temperature in
3000K-7000K; LED cold light source module brightness continuous, light source illumination value of not less than 1600000Lx.


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