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Medical Pressurizers ( Perfusion Pump)

Short Description:

Medical pressurizer (perfusion pump) is an open automatic computer-controlled, digital display cavity expansion pressure and flushing device developed by our company. Medical pressurizer (perfusion pump) is the use of liquid media to pressurize and expand the cavity to form a visual space, and can clean the cavity blood stain, is clearer observation and surgical vision. It is suitable for all kinds of lumpectomy and surgery. This equipment can be applied to hysteroscopy, urology, arthroscopy, biliary scopy examination and surgery.

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Accessories: pins, silicone molds, infusion sensors

Product description

It is used for hysteroscopic dilatation and pressure and urological fluid perfusion, and can also be used for fluid perfusion in arthroscopic, laparoscopic and other surgeries.


The rolling squeezing pump is used to generate a large flow of water, and the flushing liquid pipe can be sterilized at high temperature and high pressure.
No secondary pollution

Technical parameter

Rated power


Pressure setting range



Flow setting range 0.1~1.0L/min

Medical pressurizer (perfusion pump)

I. Product use

The equipment should be set strictly according to the pressure that the cavity required for different surgeries can withstand. When used to keep the prescribed pressure of the cavity pressurized and expanded, the flow rate should be 0.3L/min-0.5Lmin when the pressure is set no more than 150mmHg (18.6Kpa) in hysteroscopic surgery to ensure patient safety.
Second, the structure composition
Medical pressurizer (perfusion) is composed of host, sensing infuser, container (self-provided) and silicone tube, etc.
Third, technical parameters
Power supply conditions
Power supply voltage: ~220V.
Power frequency: 50Hz.
Input power: 100VA.
Fuse: 2×F1AL250V.
Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature: 0℃~40℃.
Relative humidity: ≤80%.
Atmospheric pressure: 76kPa~106kPa.
Main performance indicators
Pressure setting range: 15~400mmHg(2~53.3kPa).
Flow rate setting range: 0.1~1.0L/min.
Working noise ≤50dB(A).

IV. Functional characteristics

This equipment is an open pressurized device, it is very convenient to replenish the liquid medium and cleaning fluid during the operation, just pour the medium and cleaning fluid into the container. If the container is large enough, it can add enough medium and cleaning fluid at one time to meet the needs of surgery and ensure the continuity of surgery. This equipment is driven by stepper motor, which is smooth and low noise. The working pressure and flow rate of this equipment is controlled by computer automatically, when the pressure is over, the computer will automatically cut off the power to stop working, the control device is safe and reliable, when the pressure is back to normal, the instrument will automatically enter the normal working state.
The pressure setting range is 15-400mmHg(2~53.3kpa), digital display is continuously adjustable, the operator can change the setting value according to the actual work needs. Flow rate setting range 0.1~1L/min, digital display continuously adjustable. The set value can be changed at will according to the actual working needs. The equipment has memory capability, the last set pressure and flow rate value is displayed when the machine is turned on.

V. After-sales service

Business purpose: quality, credibility, integrity, all kinds of high-quality production Lv recommended to the community, to serve the private medical!
Service commitment: to provide high quality related products, comply with business ethics standards, and strive to provide unique products and level of service!
Product warranty period: after the installation and acceptance of equipment, the whole machine free warranty one year, lifelong maintenance.

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