TJ-168C Intelligent High-definition Medical Endoscope Camera System

Short Description:

Adopt original sharp touch screen control buttons, easy to operate and friendly man-machine interface

With image freeze and 8x electronic zoom function

Camera IPX7 waterproof performance, can be soaked for disinfection

The camera has white balance, image freeze, photo, zoom, four remote control handle function keys

With ten scene setting functions, the parameters can be automatically set and saved according to the needs of the doctor, and they can be used when they are called out. The password can be set and changed to prevent unrelated personnel from tampering with the parameters.

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Technical Parameter

Can take pictures, video, store images and automatically mark the date and time
It can realize the comparison of real-time images and historical images on the same screen, which is convenient for evaluating clinical efficacy
With wireless transmission function (5G high-speed signal), it can realize wireless monitor, computer, smart phone, real-time wireless transmission of images and recording
The host has three 3.0USB interfaces, which can be connected with mobile storage media such as U disk, mobile hard disk, etc., to achieve lossless storage of images and videos, and view and copy on the computer
The menu can be operated and adjusted by mouse, supports wireless mouse, can be operated from a distance, high degree of humanization, convenient and fast
Stored pictures can be freely marked, which is convenient for clinical diagnosis
According to the later use of the camera, the software will be upgraded synchronously to meet customer needs

TV system PAL
Image settings Original Sony 1/1.8CMOS, resolution 1920×1080, ≥1125 lines
Scanning method Line by line
Horizontal scan frequency 67.5KHz
Vertical scan frequency 60Hz
Synchronization system Intrasync
Video output HDMIx1 DVIx1 VGAx1 CVBSx1
Signal to noise ratio >42dB
Minimum lighting Less than 1lux at F1.4
AGC Automatic
Image display Normal/Horizontal Flip/Vertical Flip/180 Degree Rotation
White balance Automatic
Freeze Freeze / Release
Extinction speed <1s

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