TJ-168B Medical HD Endoscope Camera

Short Description:

With image freeze and 8x electronic magnification

Camera IPX7 waterproof performance, can be soaked and sterilized

Camera function key with white balance, image freeze function

It has ten scene setting functions, which can be customized according to the needs of doctors

Automatically set and save parameters, recall and use

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Technical Parameter

1. Digital full HD 1200 lines HD-1080P effective pixels 1920 (H) × 1080 (V).

2. Full intelligent automatic white balance (patented technology: non-one key white balance, no need A key to white, effectively reduce the doctor preoperative and intraoperative trouble, save surgical time, each time the machine is turned on directly surgery, the color is truly presented).

3. Double-layer shielding protection system to solve the energy platform electromagnetic interference in surgery (such as ultrasonic knife, plasma knife, high-frequency electric knife and other equipment interference with the video image).

4. High-definition camera level 7 waterproof, effective solution to intraoperative water infiltration, can be low-temperature plasma, immersion and other disinfection.

5. The extinction speed is less than 0.1s, to solve the surgical image surgery delay, reduce visual fatigue.

6. The device color reproduction ability, image geometric distortion, has been tested and qualified by the relevant national institutions.


TV system PAL
Image settings Original Sony 1/2CMOS, resolution 1920x1080,≥1125 lines
scanning method line by line
Horizontal scan frequency 67.5KHz
Vertical scan frequency 60Hz
synchronization system Intrasync
video output HDMIX1 CVBSx1
signal to noise ratio >45dB
minimum lighting 0.0001lux full color
10AGC automatic
Image display Normal/Horizontal Flip/Vertical Flip/180 Degree Rotation
white balance automatic / manual
freeze Freeze/Release
Extinction speed <1s

1.15 With image freeze and 8 times electronic zoom function
1.16 Camera IPX7 waterproof performance, can be immersed in disinfection.
1.17 Camera function keys with white balance, image freeze function
1.18 With ten kinds of scene setting function, can be automatically set and save the parameters according to the doctor's needs, and can be used when called up.

Imported chips, core patented technology.
High resolution: horizontal resolution of 1200 lines, restore the true color, clear image.
Easy operation: full digital adjustment (DSP).
Automatic white balance: the use of automatic white balance, convenient for clinical use.
Anti-interference: special anti-interference processing technology to effectively solve the texture interference generated by high-frequency electric knife.
Special technology, camera adjustment extinction less than 0. 3 seconds fast response, good color reproduction.
Good compatibility, can be used with any endoscopic system at home and abroad.
Can be connected with fiber optic endoscopes (with conversion connector)
Can be equipped with different clinical monitors for use: power input voltage 110 volts, 220 volts, can be operated and used at home and abroad with image freezing and magnification functions.
Two-year warranty

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