TJ-168A Standard Definition Medical Endoscope Camera

Short Description:

1. Classic SD 700 lines , effective pixels 759 (H) × 596 (V)

2. Fully intelligent automatic white balance

3. Double shielding protection system to solve the operation of the energy platform electromagnetic interference (such as ultrasonic knife, plasma knife, high-frequency electric knife and other equipment interference with the video image).

4. camera level 7 waterproof, effective solution to intraoperative water infiltration, low temperature plasma, immersion and other disinfection.

5. The equipment color reproduction ability, image geometric distortion, has been tested by the relevant national institutions qualified.

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Technical Parameter

Pixel  PAL795H596V
Scan system PAL752lines, 50field/sec
Synchronization system Internal Synchronization
Horizontal Resolution 800 lines
Video output 1.0VP- p, 75.1.oVP- p, 70ohm
SNR >52db
Gamma correction 0.45
White balance Auto Lock
White balance range 2200-1500K
Electronic shutter 1/50-1/100000 second continuous
Minimum illumination 0.5Lu*F2.2
Output frame rate 60FPS

1. Objective lens (endoscope: hard tube mirror and hose mirror) It refers to the endoscope.

2. Electric coupler CCD
It is an imaging system for endoscopic cameras. Common name: CCD
It is worth mentioning that the clarity of the CCD camera depends on the quality of the CCD original and the ability of the entire circuit system to process and restore the image. Many manufacturers use the SONY CCD component to shoot the SONY camera.

3. Medical monitor
Divided into CRT medical display, LCD medical display. Today, most of them use LCD medical displays, MOYOSUN magic words, Taiwan Qi Ling CHILIN, and other well-known brands.

4. Cold light source and control host
In addition, you can add a computer and a capture card to achieve image acquisition and storage.

Colposcope Features
1. SONY CMOS 1080P HD camera
2. Built-in 80W led light source
3. 3.5 inch LCD screen
4. Could connect to additional 21''/22''/24'' HD monitor
5. Record HD video by connecting HD recorder
6. Workstation can be connected for report printing function.

Primary Advantages
1. Direct Endoscope Camera Manufacturer/Supplier.
2. Competitive Price / High cost and Performance
3. Promote Shipping.
4. Excellent After-Sales-Service.
Technical Parameters

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