What are the applications of endoscopy in the field of gynecology?

One of the more important surgical methods in gynecology is the "endoscope" device, which allows doctors to observe the inside of the body without fully opening the body. It consists of a slender catheter with a miniature camera and a light at the end. to the TV screen. During surgery, the doctor will make a small incision just sized to fit the speculum through, and 2 or more additional incisions to fit the narrow tools. Surgeons can control these tools outside the body, including forceps, scissors and suturing instruments, and manipulate them while viewing screen images to complete the procedure.


In the field of gynecology and other fields, what kinds of surgeries can be performed using "endoscopy"?

1. "Laparoscopic surgery" is the use of a laparoscope in the abdomen, and "abdominal cavity" refers to the area between the bottom of the rib cage and the hip. This procedure is used to remove the gallbladder, appendix, or uterus, or to perform a variety of other procedures. At present, there are single-port and multi-port laparoscopes.

2. "Hysteroscopic surgery" is the use of a hysteroscope in the uterus and vagina to remove abnormal tissue clumps in the uterus or to perform some other uterine and vaginal operations.

3. "Robot surgery", that is, a machine controlled by a surgeon, also known as "robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery", the maneuverable movement of its tools is superior to conventional surgery.

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What are the advantages of endoscopic surgery?

1. Smaller incisions, usually resulting in several small wounds rather than one large wound; 2. Less pain and bleeding; 3. Faster recovery and shorter hospital stay; 4. Less organ movement.

Minimally invasive surgery combines advanced technology and equipment with the sincere wisdom of big doctors, which not only reduces the trauma caused by the patient's disease requiring surgery, but also treats psychological and spiritual damage. Minimally invasive surgery is the future direction of surgery. More and more new technologies and equipment are being used in minimally invasive surgery, making minimally invasive surgery increasingly perfect. Doctors are also constantly striving for perfection on the way to solve the pain of patients.

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