Taijiang ENT examination and treatment table using principle and operation instructions

1. Product introduction
TJ-6003A Lengthening Deluxe ENT examination and treatment table adopts imported oil-free compressor and vacuum pump, which is small in size and low in noise.
The series ENT examination and treatment table is composed of main unit, spray gun, sniffer gun, blow gun, heating defogging, spotlight and bracket, tray, cotton ball tank, film viewing lamp (optional), etc.; (detailed in the table below )
2. Scope of application
It can be used together with ENT endoscope for examination, diagnosis and treatment in ENT department.
3. Contraindications
This product is a routine inspection and treatment equipment and has no obvious contraindications.
4. Use environmental conditions
1) Ambient temperature: 8℃~40℃;
2) Relative humidity: 35% ~ 70%;
3) Atmospheric pressure: 700hPa~1060hPa;
4) Power supply voltage: AC220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz.
5. Precautions
1) The hospital should provide a power socket with standard grounding protection to keep the equipment reliably grounded.
2) Before the first use, the spray gun, sniffer gun, liquid medicine bottle, suction tube, small medicine bottle, medicine tank and other equipment must be disinfected. After each patient uses it, it must be disinfected according to regulations.
3) If the dirt in the dirt bottle exceeds 1/2 of the height of the bottle during use, it needs to be cleaned up, but it must be cleaned up before each shift, and a small amount of disinfectant water should be added to the bottle, and the bottle cap should be tightly capped.
4) The positive and negative pressure adjustment knobs of the treatment table are strictly prohibited from being rotated arbitrarily, because they have been adjusted at the time of delivery (or installation and debugging). If the pressure changes and cannot meet the requirements of use, it can be rotated.
5) When using the spray gun, it is required that the nozzle shaft and the horizontal line should be kept within an angle of ±45 degrees, and must not be inverted. After use, put the spray gun into the spray gun hole seat. After the sniffer is used, the sniffer ring should also be placed, and the air pump will stop working. Then turn off the power switch and cut off the power.
6) The treatment table is a non-contact inspection equipment, and should avoid touching the patient when using it.
7) The ultraviolet disinfection lamp is embedded in the examination table. The tray cover must be covered during disinfection (to prevent any part of the human body from being exposed to ultraviolet rays) before turning on the power switch of the disinfection lamp. After the disinfection, the power switch of the disinfection lamp must be turned off in time.
8) Do not let the main unit and the lens get wet, and avoid the contamination of liquid medicine when using it, so as to avoid malfunction.
9) Do not place the main unit or the lens in a place where the temperature exceeds 60℃.
10) Avoid vibration, noise, strong electromagnetic interference, direct sunlight, etc.

TJ-6003A Lengthened Deluxe Quantity
  Host (including writing table)   1 set
  Spray Gun: Elbow   1 stick
  Spray Gun: Straight   2 sticks
  Sniffer   1 stick
  Blow gun   1 stick
  Spotlights and brackets   1 stick
  Tray   2
  Built-in dirt pan   1
  Glass medicine bottle   brown 2/white 2
  Cotton ball tank   S2
  Heating mist removal device   1 set
  UV disinfection   1 set
  LED touch control screen   1 set
  Dimensions (LxW*H)   1900x800x750
  Countertop material   Imported ultra-white crystal glass
  Monitor   1 (optional)
  Cold light   1 (optional)
  Camera   1 (optional)
  ENT endoscope   (optional)
  Endoscope graphic reporting system   1 (optional)
  LED ultra-thin film viewer   1 (optional)

Post time: Jul-07-2022