Maintenance and introduction of medical endoscope camera system

The medical endoscope camera system consists of an endoscope optical interface, a camera head and a camera system. The camera system consists of a camera, a power cord and various connecting lines; the optical interface of the endoscope is suitable for: laparoscope, sinusoscope, support laryngoscope, hysteroscope and other endoscopes.


The role of medical endoscope camera system

1. Guide light, direct the light from the strong light source outside into the organ to illuminate the inspection site;

Second, guide the image, transmit the image reflecting the endoscopic situation of the organ, and through the monitor, it is convenient for the doctor to observe the clear and detailed intracavity tissue, and provides the guarantee for the doctor to operate safely and finely.

Common faults of camera system:

Camera host: image blur, image color cast, image flicker, no image output, the host cannot be started, etc.
Camera: Image interference, image color cast, focus or zoom failure, loose bayonet, broken sheath, broken cable, etc.
Cold light source: no light source output, the host cannot be started, the light source is flickering, the light bulb is off, timing alarms, etc.
Pneumoperitoneum machine: error code, unstable pressure, insufficient air pressure, no gas output, unable to start, etc.
Light guide: The cable sheath is damaged, the light guide fiber is broken and the brightness is not enough, the light guide head is burned and damaged, the adapter is damaged, etc.

Camera system maintenance scope:
Camera host maintenance: maintenance of image processing board, maintenance of driver board, maintenance of host power supply, maintenance of back-end output board, etc.
Camera maintenance: camera cable repair, replacement of camera cable, replacement of camera CCD, maintenance of camera tuning mirror.
Cold light source maintenance: motherboard maintenance, high-voltage board maintenance, replacement of high-voltage modules, replacement of bulbs, reset of bulb timing modules, etc.
Insufflation machine maintenance: maintenance of control circuit, maintenance of gas circuit, maintenance of power supply board, maintenance and replacement of control valve.
Light guide maintenance: replace the light guide fiber, light guide head, adapter, outer tube, etc.

Post time: Jul-07-2022