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High Definition Optical Adapter

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The optical interface is an imaging adapter between the rigid tube mirror and the camera, widely used in industrial detection and medical diagnosis.

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HD Optical Mount

Technical parameter

Focal length F14/F16/F18/F20/F22/F25/F28/F32/F35
Image size 1/2" 1/3"
Interface C/CS
Resolution 1280×1024
Line resolution 150 Pairs/mm at center, 100 Pairs/mm around
Dimensions Φ48×L44
Weight 92g

HD 4K Optical Mount

Technical parameter

focal length 15-30mm/20-35mm
image size 1/2"            1/3"
interface C
Resolution 3840*2160
line resolution Center 150 line pair / mm, perimeter 160 line pair / mm
Dimensions Φ48×L59.9

The front end of the optical interface is connected to the standard Φ32mm rigid tube mirror by means of a claw and the rear end is connected to the camera by means of a standard C/CS thread, which images the target to the camera sensor (CCD/CMOS) through the internal optical system and outputs the target image through the display device. The focus handwheel allows for accurate focusing of the optical imaging system, resulting in a sharp and clear output image. The optical interface is strictly industry standard and can be adapted to WOLF, STORZ, Stryker, Tri-Chip and many domestic endoscopic camera systems. This series of products are available in various focal lengths, f=14~50mm, which can meet the needs of different applications and are ideal accessories for industrial and medical endoscopes.
1. Made of high strength aircraft aluminum, effectively reducing weight.
2. C/CS threaded interface is made of ultra-hard aluminium to reduce weight and enhance wear resistance.
3. Fully waterproof design with various internal waterproof structures for disinfection by immersion.
4. Adaptable to standard C- and CS-type threaded interface cameras.
5. Mega-pixel Schott optics with multi-layer coating to eliminate stray light.
6. Adaptable to 1/4", 1/3", 1/2" CCD/CMOS
7. Excellent imaging performance, smooth and uniform out-of-focus MTF variation.
8. Relative illumination greater than 0.96, PSF energy concentration, no diffraction ring.

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